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Louisiana's Bayou Rum

September 02, 2015

South Louisiana has a lot to be proud of, and one of those things is Bayou Rum, the United State’s largest privately owned distillery located in Lacassine right off of Interstate 10. Bayou Rum carefully crafts their rum with all local ingredients to create four types of sweet, smooth rum.

The Bayou Rum distillery offers a FREE tour with FREE samples Tuesday through Saturday almost every hour. The tour starts with a short informative film and then continues on into the production warehouse.

Tourists are able to observe the huge machinery and bottling production line. The glass Bayou Rum bottles are the only part of the product that is not produced in Louisiana; they are created by a company out of Mexico, the same company that Tabasco uses for their bottles.

Once a bottle is on the production line, it is cleaned with heated 80 proof Bayou Rum to sanitize and eliminate cross contamination. It then travels down the line where 24 bottles are filled in one minute.

Once they have been filled, they are corked, labeled, and hand-inspected.

Bayou Rum currently produces four types of rum. They have their Silver Rum, Spiced Rum, Satsuma Rum Liqueur, and Select Rum.

The select rum is their newest product; it is three year aged rum held in Jim Beam and Buffalo Trace charred whisky barrels. They currently have 620 of these barrels and continually reuse them. Half barrels are blended, put in a holding tank, and then tested to create the right flavor in each bottle.

Along with reuse of whisky barrels, Bayou Rum recycles molasses and yeast for feeding local cattle as well as using the “head” and “tail” cuts from their products for cleaning solutions and gasoline.

A visit to the Bayou Rum distillery is a neat experience and the rum they produce is delicious. Don’t miss out if you ever have the chance to visit. If you are unable to make a trip to Lacassine, you should definitely try to at least get your hands on a bottle of Bayou Rum.

By Whitney Ross, Lafayette Native

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