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First You Make a Roux

October 16, 2014

RouxSm.jpgIngredients for Cajun Roux

How to make a Cajun Roux:

There are some very good jarred rouxs out there... dark, light and in between.  But if you're making something where the roux will be a primary flavor, i.e., shrimp stew, you may want to make your own.  Although traditional roux is a bit time-consuming, it's really quite simple.  Just two ingredients, cooking oil and flour.    

  • So, in a black iron skillet or heavy pot, mix equal parts vegetable oil and flower.  I like to do 3 cups of oil and 3 cups of flour.  This will make plenty of roux and I can store the extra in a glass jar so it's already there the next time I need it!  

  • The flour and oil are cooked together until they reach the desired color.  (I like mine a little lighter than a Hershey bar.)

  • Cook it on medium heat and, with a flat edged spoon or spatula, stir CONSTANTLY scraping the bottom, and i do mean going to the bathroom or even pouring a glass of wine.  Be sure to scrape the edges of the pot as well.  

  • It may take a while to start turning brown, but the browner it gets the faster it turns.  

  • Be prepared with a few drops of water to STOP it just before it reaches the desired color.  Without the water, it will continue to cook a while after you remove it from the heat.  

  • (hint: If you're a first timer, use lower heat; it will take longer, but you'll have a better chance of not burning it. At low heat, it could take nearly an hour.) 

So, go ahead and make a roux because gumbo weather is coming!  (That's a hint for next month's recipe!)   

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