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Cajun Seafood Courtbouillon (koo-bee-yon) Recipe

April 27, 2015


By Popular Demand: Seafood Courtbouillon  

1 lb crawfish tails (*optional)  

1 lb small, peeled shrimp

1 lb fillet catfish, cut in chunks

1 stick of BUTTER

2 small sweet onions, chopped

2 stalks of celery, chopped  

1/2 green bell pepper chopped

1 red or orange bell pepper,chopped

1 sm. can tomato paste

4-5 Tbsp roux

1 can Rotel  

seasoning blend (Zatarain's or T-Coon's The Stuff)  


Melt the butter, sauté sweet onions, peppers, and celery until very tender. (*remove 1/2 cup of this mixture and add to a separate pot where you will cook the seafood.)   Add 3/4 cup water to this first pot.  Add tomato paste and roux    Add Rotel and season to taste  (Zatarain’s or T-Coon’s The Stuff)  Cook on low for 90 minutes. Add water if needed. (should end up the consistancy of a thick stew at this point; it will thin later when added to the fish)  *In the separate pot, (where you've spooned in 1/2 cup of sauteed veggies)  add seasoned seafood fish & shrimp,  and add water just barely covering the seafood.  Cajun Catfish & Crawfish courtbouillon Cook on med-low a few minutes until fish is done (white)—it won’t take long—,then add the crawfish if you’re using that. (Crawfish are already cooked; you're just heating them up)   Most of the water will be cooked out when the fish is done.  Turn off the heat and gently fold the thick gravy into the fish/ fish stock.  

Serve over cooked rice.  Yumm!

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