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Best Lafayette Restaurants Off the Beaten Path

November 24, 2014


All towns have those great hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars that locals love, and Lafayette, Louisiana is no exception. With all the amazing food that Lafayette has to offer, sometimes visitors find it hard to dig up some of the real treasures. For those of you looking for several of those less pretentious restaurants serving mouth-watering delights, here are a few of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants that locals would recommend.

Best Burger Joint-Morvant’s Bar & Grill

Located in the growing city of Youngsville, Morvant’s serves poboys and sandwiches, but they are infamous for their thick and juicy & perfectly spicy hamburgers. With a laid back atmosphere, bar, and Mr. & Mrs. Hebert always there eager to chat with customers, Morvant’s is a true hole-in-the-wall dining experience with over 70 years of history and drenched with local flavor.

Best Creole Lunch- The Creole Lunch House

The Creole Lunch House was opened in 1983 with the intent on serving up some true Southern Louisiana style, home-cooked meals. If you haven’t noticed yet, Southern Louisianans love rice, and Mrs. Hebert of The Creole Lunch House makes sure no meal goes without it. They are also well-known for their stuffed breads, large rolls packed with meats and cheeses. The Creole Lunch House serves food that locals describe as “just how Momma used to make it.”

Best Restaurant for Outdoor Eating- Shade Tree Café

True to its name, the Shade Tree Café in Broussard offers an outdoor-only dining experience beneath a huge, beautiful old live oak. They are open for lunch and dinner during the weekdays and serve Cajun/Creole and European meals. The Shade Tree Café is a well kept secret of Lafayette locals, but even visitors can appreciate the perfectly seasoned and consistently delicious food they have to offer.

Best Tacos - Taco Sisters

Taco Sisters, located in downtown Lafayette, welcomes customers to enjoy a meal at the covered picnic tables in their garden or, for those on the run, to pick it up and go. Taco Sisters never uses frozen food, only homemade specialties and premium ingredients. They are best known for their smoked fish taco, but Taco Sisters offers many types of specialty tacos sure to please.

Best Outta the Box Restaurant- Rusted Rooster

Open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays, the rusted rooster serves a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches and subs, most of which have a Cajun and Creole twist. The menu is full of items packed with adventurous flavors. The Rusted Rooster is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you’ll wish was open for dinner!


Best Home Cooking- La Cuisine de Maman

Located inside the living, outdoor history museum known as Vermilionville, La Cuisine de Maman literally means “Mom’s Kitchen.” They pride themselves on offering authentic Cajun and Creole dishes sprinkled with that special ingredient, love. You don't have to tour the village museum to enjoy the delights at La Cuisine de Maman, but together they do make a perfect experience.



Best Boudin & Cracklin Stop - Nunu's Fresh Market

Nunu’s is a locally owned grocery store with all the basics that also offers specialty meats, plate lunches and rotisserie, but they are best known for their award-winning boudin and cracklins. These two Cajun-diet essentials can be found at many different Lafayette locations, but made with their own special blend of “Nunu’s Seasoning,” Nunu’s boudin and cracklins are addicting!


Best BBQ Stop - Johnson’s Boucaniere

Johnson’s is where locals go to feast on mouth-watering, fall-off-the bone BBQ. Johnson’s is a pick-up or dine outside restaurant and smoke house. They make all of their own sausage, Tasso, beef jerky, seasonings, and BBQ sauces. Johnson’s smokes all of their meats in house and serves them up hot and fresh. Located in the heart of downtown, Johnson’s is the perfect stop for delicious BBQ.


by Whitney Ross, Lafayette Native

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