Cajun Food Tours

About Us

Lafayette, Louisiana is the “Tastiest Town in the South,”  and Cajun Food Tours wants you to experience it!

Marie; owner/ operatorMy name is Marie Ducote-Comeaux and I am happy to call myself Cajun!  There is no place I’d rather live than right here in the heart of Acadiana.  As a former Louisiana history teacher of 15 years,  I am proud of our resilient past, our friendly people, our rich heritage, and our fun-loving culture; but I am especially proud of our uniquely incredible food!   I can’t stand the thought of anyone coming to this city and not tasting our local favorites.  Everyone who lives here does it; we either cook our own Cajun treats for our visitors or we drag them all over the five-parish area, making sure they experience what we get every day.  

My 90-year-old grandmother loved the tourIn November of 2010,  I went on my first walking food tour in Baltimore, MD.  History, culture, sites, and we get to eat?!  That's my kinda tour!?   After the tour, I thought “Someone should do this in Lafayette!”  The following summer I took a food tour in Seattle (right around the time we were named best U.S. food city in the Rand McNally-USA Today “Best of the Road” contest,) and I thought “Our food is so much better than this; someone really should do this in Lafayette!”  Finally, in November of 2011, I took my first bus food tour in Louisville, KY.  That evening lying in the hotel bed praying, I was terrified by the calling that someone was going to do this in Lafayette and it was going to be me!  After months of trying to pray it away, I finally gave into the idea just as Lafayette won Southern Living’s  title of “Tastiest Town in the South!"  So, I quit my job and bought a bus! 

I can’t wait to meet you and to share the things I love.  I love South Louisiana; and I love good food.

   Allons manger!  (Let’s go eat!)